Pioneer Series

16SWAB Wagon Company, Inc. has been producing fiberglass bodies for over forty years for other application and in 1996 developed the ALSF-96, now known as the PIONEER SERIES.

With then different floor plans, available with variations on some, the Pioneer Series has proven to be very versatile for emergency and quick response units. Its user friendly compartments provide readily accessible storage for all types of equipment, all stored at waist/chest height.

All compartment modifications (i.e., shelving, mounting brackets, etc.) are modular, meaning they can be moved to another compartment providing the compartment has been equipped with Kindorf track. All compartment have steel plates embedded in the backside of the fiberglass to reinforce the Kindorf installation. These plates have been standardized in location and additional Kindorf track can be installed at any time by the end user. So, as your mission or equipment changes, you can modify your storage layout to better suit your needs.

We also offer climate control for the body with either 12 volt units driven by the chassis engine or 110 volt units for when the unit is connected to a shoreline. This is very helpful when carrying temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and solutions.

When compared to SUV conversions, the Pioneer Series has proven to be more beneficial to the end user because of the user friendly space that is mounted on a truck chassis worthy of the demands placed on the unit by quick response organizations.

Whether you provide an Advanced Life Support Service, Haz-Mat Response Service, Water Rescue or other service, the Pioneer Series fiberglass utility body will fill the ticket.

The SWAB Pioneer Series fiberglass utility body is a very versatile unit, capable of meeting the demands of an organization for any application.  Listed below are the most commonly requested options, however, should your organization have other needs, please contact your representative or SWAB Wagon Company, Inc.  We will gladly listen to your ideas and develop the solutions for your situations.  Warning lights and/or equipment not limited to items specified below, other warning light/equipment manufacturers are available.

View Pioneer Series Specs (PDF)