Pumper Tanker

1890 – Jonas Swab is contacted by the Reliance Hose Company of Elizabethville with a special order for a hose cart.  This hose cart, which still makes regular parade appearances, was our first foray into the design and manufacture of fire apparatus.  Since then, Swab Wagon Company has built various pumpers, tankers, tanker-pumpers, pumper-rescues, mini-pumpers, and brush apparatus.  Each one is unique and custom-built to meet customer requirements.

All Swab fire bodies feature tubular aluminum, or stainless steel, frame construction.  This tubular body skeleton sets Swab bodies apart from the competition.  Bodies are welded into a free-standing structure in which individual, free-standing compartment boxes are then installed.  No compartment box shares a common wall with another compartment box, nor the front or rear body panels.  A 2” air space around all compartment boxes allows for proper ventilation of the boxes, and provides space to conceal wiring and hoses behind and between the compartment boxes.  No wiring is ever seen running down the back or across the ceiling of a Swab fire body compartment box!

As all outside body paneling is affixed to the skeletal structure of the body, accident repairs are much easier to perform on Swab fire bodies than on bodies where compartment boxes and outside walls make up the structure of the body itself.  All Swab fire bodies are easily transferable to new chassis.

We are an OEM distributor for Spartan custom fire chassis, however we build on almost any make of chassis.  Customers are welcome to provide their own chassis, or we can provide a “turn-key” package based on your chassis specifications.